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Words of Wisdom from Doug and Randvig

By Kara Millerhagen

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Mother is forever saying three things:

Randvig and Doug Norvold

Mom and dad in our studio for the first time.

1.  “So What?”

(well, that is really traced back to Grandma Olga)  This applies to those situations where something “could be worse” and when you take a few giant steps backward to gain perspective, it is really not that big of a deal. This is a good thing to have in your pocket but I have found that when you share it with other people, use sparingly!

 2.“They are just people”

This is Mother’s anecdote for nerves.  Got a big meeting, a big show or a big event coming up?  Remember this one!  No matter what rank, station, religious affiliation, race, language of origin or anything else that may be different, people are essentially the same.  Which leads into the third Mother quote:

 3.“Put the Crown on Your Neighbors Head”

People want to be acknowledged, listened to and lifted up.  That’s not so hard!  Thanks Mother!



Dad and I are team teaching high school Sunday School.  3 out of 6 teenagers in the class are members of our family.  Kinda funny.  We get down to business though and of course, true to my whole life, I find myself a student.  Dad comes up with all kinds of gems and this is the latest. “It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that you are in charge of converting anybody.  Scratch it off the “to do” list.  No conversions necessary.”

I thought about all the times I have tried to convince, persuade, manipulate, defend.  Then I thought about all of the time available to me if I don’t try to convince persuade, manipulate, defend.   Then I thought about what I could do with that available time.  I can create what I want to contribute to this world and still get dinner made, the house cleaned, get to the meet, brush my teeth.  In fact, I bet a whole new world would open up to me.  I think I will try that but I am merely sharing with you as Dad did with me.   I am not trying to convert you!

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