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Dear Friends of SISTER,

We feel truly blessed to have such amazing people like you in our SISTER community. You are such a treasure to us, and we think of you as part of our family. Because of this connection, we wanted to share some health related news with you regarding Alisa. In late January, Alisa was diagnosed with stage four cancer. The cancer originated on her ureter, and has metastasized to her kidney and liver. As you can imagine, this news has taken our breath away. Instead of planning our next musical endeavor, our focus has shifted to rallying together to support our dear sister and her family throughout her treatment and as she travels her Road to Victory!

Alisa is receiving treatment at Euromed in Phoenix, AZ. If you would like to read more about her story or if you would like to help support Alisa, please visit our GoFundMe site (link below).

We are also overwhelmed with gratitude as Alisa and her family have been selected as the recipient of the Keys Charity Fund Annual Golf Classic on June 25, 2018. Thank you to all the owners of Keys for uplifting our family.  See link below for more information on the Keys Golf Classic.

Yes, Sister is still working! We will be back in full force fall and winter of 2018!  See you soon!

Blaze Orange is the New Black Sister Productions Minnesota

SISTER rewrites the rules for music, comedy and entertainment for women in BLAZE ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  SISTER knows what women need and this show has it all:  wine, laughter and rock and roll!  Rock legends like Pat Benatar, Heart and Brandi Carlisle are honored as their anthems are belted out by SISTER lead singer Alisa Leonard.  Kara Millerhagen and Kjersten Dysthe complete the signature sound of the SISTER trio mesmerizing audiences with the unique vocal quality of real life singing sisters.  Original music and the SISTER live and in the moment style make each performance unique and a one of a kind experience for the audience.  BLAZE ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is a celebration for women everywhere and a must see!

2018 dates being added-like us on FACEBOOK at SISTER PRODUCTIONS to keep up on the latest news!

sister productions lenten musical willing to rise northfield mn

This original production is written by Kara Millerhagen with music arranged by Alisa Leonard.  “Willing to Rise” transports the audience to the local church in the 1980’s where Wednesday night is “church night” and confirmation class, choir rehearsal and band practice are in full swing.  As John, a confirmation student, wrestles with his faith, the music of “Styx” and “Queen” are tastefully woven into the original score and the events of Good Friday unfold in a truly unforgettable hour of live theater that left one attendee exclaiming “This is church.  I feel so alive right now.  It is just what I needed”!  Join us and a fabulous cast of actors, singers and live musicians and become a part of “Willing to Rise” as you get out your “Members Only” jacket or that dress with the extreme shoulder pads and get swept away in an experience that will give you a spring makeover from the inside out.

For more information, call 952-200-1948

“Willing to Rise” is an original body of work created by SISTER PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.