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Sister Magnets (set of 7)

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Set includes 7 magnets,  3″ x 3″ in size packaged in green transparent bag with a note from Sister.

“I’ve Got A Smile and I’m not Afraid to Use it”

“The world is round, think outside the box”

“The Climbing is Hard, But the Mountains are Beautiful”

“Today I will do one experiment in the realm of possibility”

“Live as though your life depended on it”

“Life’s so rich she don’t need money”

“Be Yourself, it’s really that simple”


Product Description

The World is Round, think outside the box

Put it on something square, like the fridge or a filing cabinet or a medicine chest. The temptation to think about life in little boxes is thwarted in favor of a picture of the earth itself.  BTW  Anna said this one when she was about 7 years old.


Today I will do one experiment in the realm of possibility

Set your intention for the day, reminding yourself of the things that you REALLY want to do. Think about it in terms of a science experiment.  There may be some unknowns and that is the point!


Life’s so Rich, she don’t need money

She don’t need it because she HAS it. Loosely based on Grandma Olga who was a source of endless supply.  She developed herself and was Rich Rich Rich!  True wealth is knowledge of being wealthy.  You have what you need to do your life.


The Climbing is Hard but the Mountains are Beautiful

Life is going to get hard today. You will be pushed and it will be difficult.  But in order to truly experience the beauty of life, the mountain has to be climbed.    JB said this quote to me when he was on a backpacking trip.  One day, I am going to summit and I want you there with me!  Keep climbing.


I’ve got a smile and I’m not afraid to use it

Knowing the climbing is hard puts a smile on my face. I know that the push, the pain, the effort it takes to mentally and emotionally and physically work things out is productive and that makes me smile!


Be Yourself, it’s really that simple!

Again, I have to credit Anna with this one. Sure, it’s simple.  Be yourself.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.  Remind yourself everyday you are loved and valuable.  Be patient with your process.  Know that every dream you have ever dreamt is truer than true.  Trust your instincts and your intuition.  Guard your heart.  Develop your talents.  Share your life but don’t sell yourself.  BE yourself.  It’s really that simple.


Live as though your life depended on it

Because it does. It won’t be different tomorrow unless you change it today.  It all depends on you.  No one else can do it.  So, today is the day.  Live  up to yourself so you can go to bed tonight with a clear conscience and an eagerness for tomorrow.



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This set of magnets is designed to walk you through a productive and meaningful day. Practical and inspirational at the same time, put them in the order in which you will see them as you go through your day.    Together they work to remind you that your life,  even in its smallest and most mundane things, is creative and important!


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