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Broad, Mixed Audiences

Corporate, nonprofit holiday parties, performing art series, holiday community events, holiday teas.

Holiday Wintertainment: Sister brings the Holiday Party to your event. Broad messages of happiness and togetherness mark SISTER Wintertainment!  Audiences experience all those things we all agree on at this time of year: good will, good music and a good laugh.  SISTER brings people together as their relationship is infectious and their style of entertainment is genuine and from the heart.  Relax with the hypnotizing harmony of SISTER and be reminded of all that is good with the world as you reward yourself and your teams of people with a gift of joy that lifts and energizes each and every one!

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Thank you very much for your performance at Norske Torske Klubben. Your blend of music and humor was perfect for our Christmas meeting. We would also like to thank you for your CD donation to the raffle.  Feedback from the members was that this was the best Christmas program we have ever had!
The house is finally quiet, with wine, cheese, and your Christmas music playing, I reflect on this season and the word “Sister”. What a blessing it was for our family to see you on Sunday. We loved every minute of the show. Your music has been filling our home ever since! As my husband and I wrapped gifts into the wee hours of the night it was “Middle Sister” wine that he brought out in honor of “Sister”, he said! I had to call my two middle sisters who saw your show in Fountain City and compare notes of course. As you all know, sisters are woven through a web so tight, the connection so amazing that it is not understood by many. I’m thankful for my sisters and I’m thankful for you. Thank you for inspiring me this Christmas and for the name, Sister!
Just wanting to drop a note to say I have been thinking of the three of you.  I just shared your Christmas CD with three lovely female physicians and the VA as I thought the gift of your powerful “womeness” would warm their hearts.  I am in awe of your talent and overflowing love.  These women work with our very sick veterans and thought they needed their cups filled with the beauty of your voices.
Merry Christmas! Katie