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Grandma Thea shares a quote

By Kara Millerhagen

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Thea and Sister

Celebrating with Grandma at her party. She carried a doll with her everywhere she went. It gave her so much comfort to hold that baby doll.

We are all heading to the wake of a family friend. While making plans to attend, I am   contemplating the brevity of life.  Brings to mind this short story I thought worthy of a little bit of this precious time.

Dad’s mother, Thea, lived to be 100. The last 10 years she faded in and out, sometimes in this world and sometimes in the next one.  However, when she entered  the facility at the age of 90 which would become her final earthly home, she said, very succinctly, “Well, that didn’t take long”.

Thank you Grandma Thea for that perspective.   You light the path with your wise words!

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