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Empowering Women & Girls

Corporate, nonprofit, networking, retreats, fundraisers, galas

Break out of the pattern and make a splash with original, empowering music that inspires transformation and promotes clarity, focus and ingenuity for women and girls.

In the spirit of Sisterhood, collaboration is key! Women know that to build success is to build each other up by affirming gifts and honoring our experiences.

Women know that when one shines, we all shine and together we create new opportunities impacting our world in positive ways. The collective energy of Sister is the spirit of women everywhere through music and performance.

Audiences listen, Sister sings their hearts out and an event comes together that is filled with love, laughter, and music that makes it move!

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Sister music speaks to women in a way I just can’t quite put into words.  I hear a line or a stanza and I say…Yes, yes…that is just how it is when you are a mom. Or..that is just how it feels to watch your child grow up and walk away. I have had Sister perform at our Coffee House and I have attended their Christmas concert.  I have introduced friends to their music and I always hear the same thing over and over.  Lovely, lovely vocals with words that come straight from the heart of all women.
Deb Irvin, Owner, West Side Perk
I feel like an extended “sister”.  Sister’s performance is just what my whole table of friends needed!  I can’t tell you what a blessing you were to all of us that morning!  We needed to laugh, sing and shed a tear or two…together!  It is indeed a Sisterhood that we all share.
FIRST: thank you Sister for the kind words! SECOND:  I truly LOVE the music. “When I Get Home” made me cry soooo hard.  It touched me deeply in a personal “soft “ spot. THIRD: You three are so gifted … I play the CHILD & THERE GOES MY HEART  CD’s EVERY time I step into the car ! I’m hooked, … please release another CD immediately!