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mary and joseph

A Few Sister Seasonal Thoughts. . .

When you get tired, just think of pregnant Mary riding on a donkey. When baking, use real butter and real vanilla. Stay up too late and get up too early. Drink more coffee. Coffee fixes everything. Give from your heart, you will never regret generosity. Giving should hurt a little. Go a little overboard for [...]
Angel to Me

Angels and Saints

    Anna said the best thing the other night at dinner. “I just had a revelation”, she said.  Halloween is the past, Christmas is the present and New Years Day is the future.” I said, “I may have to use that.” She gave me permission.  What a fantastic way of connecting the upcoming holidays.  […]

Grandma Thea shares a quote

      We are all heading to the wake of a family friend. While making plans to attend, I am   contemplating the brevity of life.  Brings to mind this short story I thought worthy of a little bit of this precious time. Dad’s mother, Thea, lived to be 100. The last 10 years she […]

Randvig and Doug Norvold

Words of Wisdom from Doug and Randvig

Mother is forever saying three things: 1.  “So What?” (well, that is really traced back to Grandma Olga)  This applies to those situations where something “could be worse” and when you take a few giant steps backward to gain perspective, it is really not that big of a deal. This is a good thing to […]