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Randvig and Doug Norvold

Words of Wisdom from Doug and Randvig

Mother is forever saying three things: 1.  “So What?” (well, that is really traced back to Grandma Olga)  This applies to those situations where something “could be worse” and when you take a few giant steps backward to gain perspective, it is really not that big of a deal. This is a good thing to […]

Boys are off to College

Johnny (my son) goes to UW Madison and so does Matt (Kjersten’s son). Two off to college.  I saw Johnny at Parent’s Weekend and brought him a bunch of stuff including a new backpack.     He was thrilled to get his new backpack. Backpacks hold adventure. They hold independence. And they hold books, phones, snacks, assignments. […]

Sister Sings "The Old Rugged Cross"

Video: Sister sings “The Old Rugged Cross”

If you know “Sister” at all, you also know “The Aunts”.  Aunt Donna, Auntie Rain, and our mother, Randvig, to complete the trio. These women are near and dear to our hearts ALWAYS. Auntie Rain died a couple of years ago right after Christmas which is perfect because she LOVED Christmas. Sister recently performed at […]