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Angels and Saints

By Kara Millerhagen

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Sarah, Mark, Zelda and Anna. Zelda is a riot and was super scary! The kids in the neighborhood waited for her to come out and if you were brave you went and got some candy from her.

Anna said the best thing the other night at dinner. “I just had a revelation”, she said.  Halloween is the past, Christmas is the present and New Years Day is the future.” I said, “I may have to use that.” She gave me permission.  What a fantastic way of connecting the upcoming holidays.  Clear the cobwebs out and let go of the past.  Open up to the present and receive the new things in store for me.  Then use all that new stuff to create the future that is just waiting for me to give it some direction.

All Saints Day is the day after Halloween so it is a double whammy weekend. Let go of anything that is haunting me and celebrate all the good people who continue to help me build this life I love so much!   I am so grateful!

Thanks to Anna who is one of those Saints to me!


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I am sure you have saints among you, too. Love to hear about it!




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