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Marketing Manager

Kjersten Dysthe has a clear vision for SISTER fueled by a unwavering belief in the music and a passion for getting it out to SISTER’S ever growing audience. Kjersten is the machine behind all of SISTER’s communications and she surrounds herself with people that are passionate and talented and hold the same values of empowering and encouraging women and girls. At the same time, Kjersten has a heart for family and sees to it that play and work are held in balance on the SISTER scale. Kjersten’s genuine personality and her natural listening skills make her a magnet for the many people that meet her. Memorable and transformative events are created with Kjersten serving as the link between SISTER and clients with specific goals and needs. Kjersten means business when it comes to making it fun and fabulous! Kjersten is married to Mark Dysthe and they live in Savage, MN.


Musical Director
Lead Singer

Audiences everywhere come to hear Sister because of the vocals of Alisa Leonard. She is truly a gifted performer in the old fashioned sense of the word standing alone in vocal quality and power. With her added abilities in arranging music both for the trio and for instrumentation, Alisa is a well-spring of genuine talent, inspiration and soul. Her love of music is a portal for audiences as they experience peace, joy and a sense of well being in everything she produces. Alisa has a voice of gold and is the lead singer for the group but with a heart of gold to match, she is just as passionate about the excellence of the trio as she is particular about her own vocals. Alisa is married to Tom and they live with their three children in Northfield.


Stage Director
Actor & Singer

Kara Millerhagen carries the vision of Sister in the area of live performance, presentation, lyrics and characterizations. Her love of theater and her innate ability to communicate ideas that both inspire and entertain come together creating a unique experience that is known as SISTER STYLE. Kara writes and directs live SISTER performances and connects the world of SISTER in specific ways for individual audiences as she customizes presentations. She can write on the spot, and stand right in the spotlight rising to any occasion with grace and humor. A uniquely talented performer, she surprises with poetry, slips in and out of different characters, and always leaves audiences completely entertained and just a little bit perplexed. Kara is married to Jon with two children and a black lab!

Guaranteed to Please Entertainment for Corporate and NonProfit Events

Sister brings positive energy, laughter, great music and motivating messages to their ever-growing audience.  Creating entertainment  that moves women forward by affirming their gifts and life experiences is the backbone of Sister.  Performances are packed full of harmony, familiar and original music, the joy of being Sisters and the warmth of family and home.

Performance Credits



Salvation Army

Susan G Komen

E Women International

Kare 11 Race for the Cure

Sons of Norway

Honoring Women Worldwide

VINE Faith in Action

Miracle Ear

YWCA Women’s Leadership Event

US Women’s Curling Association

Twin Cities Women’s Expo

Roseville Rotary

MN Directors of Nursing

MN Department of Human Services

Flambeau Valley Arts Association

Girlfriends Mystery Tours

The Children’s Association

KARE 11 Saturday

Girls in Action

A Bit of Sistory

Norvold Sisters MinnesotaDouglas and Randvig Norvold are the parents of the three girls who could sing.

But, this was certainly not something that they thought was out of the ordinary.  A little serendipitous, perhaps, that all three girls had beautiful voices individually and yet could sing together in harmony at a young age, but it was very run of the mill to sing, as both Douglas and Randvig grew up around music and were always surrounded with singing.  Both are Wisconsin natives and before that both families came from Norway with few possessions other than a song in the heart.

Doug and Randvig share the heritage that fostered the singing siblings known as SISTER; Norwegian, Midwest, church-going, smalltown, family oriented, food making, music making and of course people who love this great country! SISTER does exactly what they were taught to do which is sing, laugh, and bring a dish to pass. Over the years, the trio has developed and honed their style, written and produced music, performed on hundreds of stages to thousands of people, but some things remain exactly as they have always been.  There are smiles on their faces and positive energy coming out of them as the joy of music and the love of family is the subtext for everything they do.

This extended supportive family on both sides of the family tree plays a crucial role in the longevity of the group.

As families change, grow, shrink, and grow again, the music is the constant.  The dance of life is literally danced from year to year as the families expand and contract.   Both Grandfathers were fiddlers who led the dancing with wives who sang and played along.  This joyful expression even in the hard times is what compels Sister forward.  Music is the one thing you get to take with you and the one thing that can’t be taken from you.  Sister has sung through the best and worst of times with this same tenacious melody which strengthens the people who hear and keeps spirits up and feet tapping.

While the family is from Wisconsin, SISTER is distinctly Minnesota as the girls grew up in Hanska, MN.

This community reflected the heritage of the family and became a critical factor in developing the trio.  Church and community alike supported the singing sisters   as well as fostering the talents of the whole town, particularly in  the area of music.  This little community put itself on the map with a variety show celebrating Syttede Mai that rivaled Branson MO in complexity and entertainment.   The three girls always participated in the performances which served to reinforce what they already learned from family.

Later in life, each sister went into fields of study that would serve them well in collaborating as SISTER.  But foundationally, the group is still the same as the trio that sang in church those many years ago.

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